With Sincere Thanks


Tuesday night’s Village Board meeting marked the retirement of yet another long-standing volunteer, Trustee Charlie Wachs.  Having grown up in Long Grove, Charlie can tell stories of riding a pony to Kildeer school, and remembers our Village when it only had 500 residents and everyone knew each other.  He has raised his family here, and been a supporter of many community activities including serving on the Board of Trustees for eight years, from 2007-2015.  Charlie has put in countless hours as the head of our Infrastructure and Public Works committees.  He has also been a long-term member of the Pathways committee, which is where I first became acquainted with Charlie.  Scouting out potential path connections, no trail or mud-filled underpass could be too rough for Charlie!  He has been instrumental in many of the positive changes in recent years that have set the stage for the revitalization of our downtown and our infrastructure.  Under his  guidance our TIF district was established, along with Sunset Grove, the renovated Archer parking lot and building pads, the Village water plant, and many other improvements.  With gratitude, Charlie was thanked for his gift of time, expertise, and caring, to make his hometown a better place for us all.