A Primary Responsibility

Ethel and Tim Berger, owners of Beans & Leaves in downtown Long Grove.

Ethel and Tim Berger, owners of Beans & Leaves in downtown Long Grove, cast their votes today.

I hope you were one of the many citizens who participated in our Illinois elections today. After casting our votes, my husband Aaron and I treated ourselves to a favorite drink at our local coffee shop, Beans & Leaves. Owners Ethel and Tim Berger had been to the polls also; bright and early so that their daughters could witness Mom & Dad exercising their democratic rights before the school day started. It was great to see so many Long Grove residents taking part in the process today. Voting was a little bit quicker and easier this year as Lake County has utilized some technology to streamline the check-in procedures. Ethel told me this morning that in years past when her mother voted in the Philippines they placed dye on one of her fingers as proof of participating. I’m so grateful that I live in a time and place in which my manicure does not have to be sacrificed for the right to vote! However the votes add up tonight, we have all had the opportunity to let our opinion be counted. And something tells me that whichever candidate comes out on top, this Presidential race will continue to be quite interesting in the months to come!