Loving Government, Hating Politics

Earlier this month I participated in a meeting with a group of inspiring women, and it put me in a good mood for the entire rest of the day. I’m a new member of WINGS, a bipartisan network of empowerment for women of Lake County, Illinois who have been elected to, appointed to, or are interested in government at any level. Because let’s face it, we all know that our country needs more women leaders in higher office. And those of us in public office need regular support to counteract the negative. There is nothing like spending time with the brave ladies who blazed the trail for us many years ago, to remind me of the many good reasons for doing this job. Our speaker, a former mayor of Leon Valley, Texas, shared with us her wisdom and wit regarding “Loving Government, Hating Politics.” Women bring so many valuable qualities to elected positions; our ability to listen, put egos aside, and work with others towards a compromise for starters. But the politics of putting yourself out there for public scrutiny can be daunting. We have an election on April 7th here in Long Grove, and we will get to select three Trustees out of the six men running for office. I am hopeful that the two amazing women that I’ve just appointed to Village commissions will be inspired to one day step up to serve on the Board, or other elected positions in public service. Ladies, we just need to look to each other for the strength. The high school orator who gave a moving speech on “The Importance of Voting,” told me that she aspires to be a Village President someday, like me. Okay, fuel tank properly filled again!