Life in Long Grove Blog

One of the ways that I’ve decided to challenge myself in this new year is to finally create and maintain a blog.  The occasional postings that you read here will not be official opinions of the Village of Long Grove, but my own personal thoughts about local issues.  We do not have a Village newspaper, and while the monthly “Bridge” newsletter and “Long Grove Living” are great communications, they aren’t always timely.   So my hope is that this blog will serve as a handy format to quickly get news and musings out to the community, and give our residents one more way to be informed on local happenings.

In putting together my ideas for an initial post, I ran across this quote:

“Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.” –Plato

I am confident in saying that most of the blog entries you will read here will fall somewhere in between the wise and foolish spectrum.  I’ll do my best to keep it brief and non-controversial.  I will not be enabling comments, but if there is a topic that you would like to see me write about, I am open to suggestions.  I promise to keep a civil tone, and will expect the same in return.